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In 2017, the committee recognised that although in excellent condition our oldest boat the Dragoness, a 6.3 Delta RHIB was due for an upgrade.

Over the next 5 years and after numerous fund-raising events led by club members, and careful management of club funds we managed to raise just over £22,000!

A sub-committee was created and we started the search for a new boat!

After extensive research, we quickly realised that a new boat and engine would be around double the amount we had raised.

We successfully applied for a grant through the Sports Council, and combined with the resale value of the Dragoness, we now had enough to purchase the boat we wanted.

Further research was conducted, specifications were debated, and we eventually settled on a Humber, 6.3 m Ocean Pro

Humber built our boat from scratch and struggling to contain our excitement some members visited the factory to see the build in progress.

September 2021 she was collected directly from the factory.

We fitted the Electronics, ropes and after some final fettling, she was ready to take us out to sea.

The next challenge was choosing a name.

After much discussion club members whittled it down to Centurion, which was apt with us being based in Chester a Roman city.

A launch ceremony was held on the river Dee and the boat was christened by the club president and his wife, Chris and Lesley Holden.

A great result, and a valuable club asset to compliment the club, which without our club member’s enthusiasm and passion, would never have been achieved.

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